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Marryoke Videography

Where we film a music video on your wedding day!



Marryoke is quite a niche product within the wedding industry which involves participants miming and performing a song of choice. The footage is usually shot on the wedding day however some couples opt to add filming at the stag or hen do, at home or even the workplace. The only limit is your imagination!

Once filmed, the footage is edited together so that it appears as if the participants are performing the song themselves. The phrase Marryoke is a play on the word karaoke due to their similarities however a marryoke involves no actual singing from the participants being included in the final edit as the participants singing is lip synced to the original artist in editing. Marryoke has become popular as a form of wedding entertainment fun for guests.

How does it work? Well basically you choose the song and provide the talent - for a successful Marryoke it is important to choose a track that a lot of people know really well. We will need at least one key person, or anchor, who will be the 'lead singer' and the main focus - this would usually of course be the bride, groom or both. The lead will need to know the song word for word but we use a prompter on the day to help.

We provide the music playback via a portable PA system and we will direct your guests as required. What works best is if we film multiple versions of the song at various times of the day and in different locations, culminating in everyone singing together in the evening at the disco.

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Bride, Groom, family and guests


Videographer, Director & Producer

equipment used

Lumix GH5 & GX80, Panasonic AG-AC160 & AG-AC90 for those who might be interested!

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