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Full Wedding Films Portfolio

Take a look at our feature length Wedding films and see what you think!


So here are some examples of our full length Wedding films to give you an idea. Each film is made up of the same key elements depending on your package - click here to see what goes into each film.

We offer you two choices In terms of duration. Option 1 is a 20 minute (approx.) film which tells the story of the day but with highlights of the ceremony and speeches. In addition to this, you get a separate edit of your ceremony and speeches in full so you can choose to watch the full version or condensed. See below for an example of a 20 minute film and click here to see how it's all presented on the menu.

Option 2 is one feature length film that tells the story of your day including your ceremony and speeches in full. Total length all depends on how long the ceremony and speeches are. For a civil ceremony we recommend you have a reading because otherwise this most special part of your day is over so so quickly! If you do have one, we need to know so we can mic them up too. Most civil wedding films are about 40-50 minutes and Church ones over an hour.

So if you'd like to see some more of our lovely full films then take a look below. If you want to see if we have one filmed at your venue, then just ask!

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Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride, Groom & Groom...


Videographer & Producer

equipment used

Panasonic AG-AC160, AG-AC90, Lumix GH5 & GX80 for those who might be interested!

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